Superyachts epitomise the most exclusive of lives. Take a peak through the porthole of this world of luxury and lavishness and discover the ultimate luxury lifestyle...


The definition of a superyacht often depends on whom you talk to. In general, it is defined as a privately-owned luxury vessel (sailing or power) longer than 24m (78’) that has a permanent, full-time crew.

Superyachts come in all shapes and sizes. From famous vessels like the mid-20th century Christina O (owned by Aristotle Onassis) measuring in at 99m (324’); to Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse, one of the largest superyachts in the world at 162.5m (533’); or the 90m (295’) Athena, one of the largest sailing yachts in the world; there are some dazzling vessels out there. The number of superyachts in existence around the world is a debatable figure, but is somewhere between 5000 and 7000 vessels.

All the big superyachts are custom designed and built, although there are several production superyacht brands on offer – also with plenty of customisation available. Onboard luxuries can include swimming pools, media rooms, gyms, water-toys with their own garages, sumptuously-appointed cabins and entertaining areas often on several decks. Owners can pretty much have whatever they want on their yacht, it’s just a question of dollars (and sometimes physics). To own a superyacht will cost anything from a meagre few million dollars to over a staggering $700m – there really are no limits.

Superyachts generally have full-time crew. The crew positions range from skipper, deckhand, stewardess, chef and engineer to helicopter pilot, beautician, personal trainer, dive instructor and more. They are there to ensure the very highest of attentive service whether having lunch, a massage or using the multitude of aquatic toys. Lifting a finger will not be required when a guest onboard a superyacht!



The world’s coolest and most chic coastal destinations are where these vessels and their owners migrate to, as the season, business meeting or whim demands. Iconic names like Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes and Portofino symbolise the western Mediterranean. St Lucia, St Barts, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego are just some of the locations in the Caribbean and America; and now, making a name for itself in this most exclusive of company, Australia. Attracting more superyachts every year with world-class facilities and destinations, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns can count themselves part of this world.


More and more superyachts are coming to Australia each year. Boasting some of the best facilities for servicing, maintenance and support, many more captains see this as both a destination their owners and guests will enjoy but also, crucially, a destination where they can look after their vessel properly. While the life of a superyacht looks very glamorous from the outside, under the surface thrives a bustling industry working day and night to maintain that polished exterior without a blemish of any kind.

Australia now offers world-class refit and servicing facilities and these facilities mean the boats can comfortably spend time cruising some of the most pristine waters of the world.

Former superyacht captain and now head of the Superyacht Industry Association of NSW, Richard Morris, says Australia is really about to blossom as a destination.

“Australia has a lot to offer in both the commercial and lifestyle aspects. We have a very co-operative support structure around Australia through Superyacht Australia and over the last 10 years a lot of investment has been put in place to make Australia more attractive to captains.

“A destination becomes viable if the captains feel confident that they can look after both the vessel and the guests adequately. They can do both here and this message is gradually getting out there and bringing more boats to Australia each year.

“The superyacht industry is worth some $500 million to the Australian economy [2012] and the more vessels we encourage to come, the better that will get. This is not just about serving the elite, it’s a real economic asset.”


With huge annual running costs, owners offering their superyachts for charter is a way to partially offset these costs. This means the superyacht lifestyle is within reach of us mere mortals as the ultimate indulgence.

Whether for a lavish function or to stay onboard on a longer holiday, chartering a superyacht can be the experience of a lifetime.


The world of superyachts really is unique, featuring the fabulous and famous, bizarre and brilliant, exclusive and eccentric.

The ultimate life with style, perhaps…

MOST IMAGES COURTESY: Andrea Francolini Photography