JENI BONE reveals how you can travel the world working on a superyacht…


If your aspirations extend to a role as a professional crew member onboard a superyacht, which could take you all around the globe, professional training is essential.

Trainer and director at Australian Superyacht Crew, Donna Morris, says getting involved in the superyacht industry requires a range of skills – technical, safety and additional qualifications.

“The superyacht industry is completely unique. It’s vital that aspiring new crew members find out from a reliable source how to successfully approach the superyacht industry.

“It is very competitive, so the best idea to increase your appeal is to bolster your CV with not just the minimum (STCW95 Basic Safety Training), but a vocational course, such as steward/stewardess, deckhand or chef cross-training.

“This demonstrates to captains you know something about the industry, and your desired job within it, and they’ll have a lot more confidence to choose you.”

Courses cover professional induction that prepares crew to understand the differences within the superyacht industry and how it works. Then there are specific vocational courses designed to encompass the duties, attitude and presentation required in that particular domain. For example, the interior courses (for stewards/stewardesses and chefs) deal with formal service, silver service, butler-style formal afternoon tea and other styles, whereas the deckhand courses cover powerboat driving, the use of marine VHF radios as well as general deckhand skills, such as rope work and detailing.

Donna says it’s of utmost importance that newcomers learn from a training establishment that has been ratified by the superyacht industry.

“We have had the Professional Yachting Association evaluate our courses and it has awarded us its accreditation, so potential crew members can be assured Australian Superyacht Crew Training (ASCT) is of the highest standard. Our trainers have had years of experience in the industry and have a great deal of useful first-hand information to impart.

“Additionally, ASCT is currently being evaluated by Sydney TAFE for local accreditation. ASCT is already in partnership with the College of Maritime for the STCWS95 Basic Safety Training, so we are able to offer AMSA-approved course to students.”