Towards Zero - maritime safety

In NSW, we have some of the finest navigable waterways in Australia. Over the past five years, the NSW Government has invested more than $500 million in delivering services and infrastructure to the NSW maritime community. 

Great results have been achieved over the past few years which have increased safety on the water. This includes raising the lifejacket wear rate from 9 per cent in 2007 to 45 per cent in 2015-16.

As a priority, the NSW Gocernment is working to reduce trauma on our waterways across the State. The Maritime Safety Plan forms a key part of this important Government objective.


The Maritime Safety Plan 2021 sets the strategic direction in maritime safety in NSW. The objective of this plan is to continue the downward trend in the drowning fatality rate – and to further reduce the rate of fatalities and serious injuries on NSW waterways recorded in 2014 by 30 per cent by the end of 2021.


Our longer term vision is to achieve zero fatalities and zero serious injuries by 2056.


In 2056 there will be zero fatalities and serious injuries on NSW navigable waterways. This plan will continue the journey to zero. By countering the main causal factors and precisely targeting the significant issues, we can bring the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries down. The initiatives found in this plan are designed with this vision of an accessible and safe waterway with zero boating fatalities recorded.

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