Boat licence requirements vary in each state and territory of Australia…

Each Australian state and territory has different laws regarding recreational boat licences. Click on each state for specific information:

ACT*         NSW         NT**         QLD         SA         TAS         VIC         WA

Most states acknowledge the boating licences of other states for a period of time (usually up to three months). If you move interstate, it’s wise to transfer your boat licence to that state, just as you would your car driver’s licence.

*(ACT has same requirements as NSW)
**(NT does not currently require recreational boat operators to have a boat licence)


Recreational Fishing Licences

Different laws also apply in each Australian state and territory if you want to go fishing.  Make sure you know the rules and apply for your licence and/or permit before you go fishing.  Specific information for each state can be found by clicking on each state below:

ACT*         NSW         NT*         QLD#         SA##         TAS         VIC         WA

* You are not required to hold a recreational fishing licence to fish in the ACT or NT.
# Anglers do not require a licence to fish recreationally in Queensland (except if fishing in some stocked impoundments).
## Recreational anglers do not require a licence in SA (except if fishing Warren Reservoir at Williamstown, where anglers are required to hold a 12month permit). However, rock lobster pots used by recreational fishers must be registered.